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Core 2008 @ DPSD was well conducted. The Quiz Finals had some nice qns, but the last round's rules were not well atpecced (Atleast I thought it was stupid to have that sort of a round)But the Crossword was great :-)But Kudos to them for organising a first-time event so well :-) The refreshments could have been more better managed .definitely!Access 2008 was REALLY badly organised. All they have is sponsorship and a big audi. The Quiz Prelims were total crap (Senior)..And overall also, they did not tell us the correct answers, scores and also named just 5 teams for the finals instead of 6!!!Yes, that rule at Access is actually bad..Of not allowing Juniors to go for Senior events!!TCS IT Wiz was disappointing for me Just missed qualification by a point of two :-( But yes, a great quiz overall by Team Greycaps! 
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