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Eduar od Eduar, 22.6.2012 14:50
Dear MJ, While reading this blog, I felt as if soeomne else is telling my own story, with few ommissions, here and there. Yes, my family too still live in denail mode yes, some of close friends too had posed such questions it was embarassing, suddenly you feel simply out of the main stream of the society. I had never been with a guy, but have been through a phase thrice, it wud be inappropriate to call it as relationship. You rightly mentioned to Kalpana, it has its own consequences, once u come out of it a new set of challenge engulf you, and its pretty difficult when you find urself alone. Even if u have partner, luckily, how will you give her the happiness of being in a relationship, in a society like ours. And when you fail to deliver, who will love you? I m feeling just low had been desparate to share all I had to say. I feel tired n broken from inside, but everyday, I go to work, mingle with everyone, sharing jokes, but when i come back to my place at the end of the day, emptiness creeps inside. I struggle to maintain the bridge between outer world and inner one. I dunno how to tackle it. 
Safdar od Safdar, 24.3.2012 1:57
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